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Want proof from others that phone words work? Why not take a few minutes to find out how others have used phone words to accelerate their growth.

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1800 DRIVERS & 13 WORK

“The success of 1800 Drivers in our business has shown us the value of a phone word to the point where our expansion plans have been built around the phone word 13 Work, recently secured. Our phone word describes the service we supply, how to contact us and it allows us to be easy to find on the internet. Our advertising campaigns are unique and in a variety of media. The instant recognition ensures we have the most bang for our buck where previously the return on the advertising dollar was sometimes questionable.

Driver Recruitment decided to centralise the operational and placement side of the business which allowed centralised training and supervision and an overall increase in the quality of our service, which we used 1800Drivers Nationally. Not only were operational efficiencies achieved with the centralisation process, we halved our operating costs which is the main reason we are not included in the 60% of agencies that disappeared during the GFC.

Phone calls have increased by 70%, and ultimately sales have increased. Brand awareness has amplified especially recognition in radio advertising as people remember the number, which was the intended reason for the phone word. The business saving exercise of centralisation efficiency has been even more value than the increased sales.”

Phil Emmerton

1800 DRIVERS / 13 WORK


A1 Plus Pty Ltd are a National Print solution reseller specialising in office printers, plotters, inks and paper.
They install, train and work with major brands for servicing capabilities across Australia.

“We wanted to offer a simpler way for customers to connect with us. We didn’t want to have different numbers for different branches. We were running many different advertisements and we felt that we were not leaving anything memorable about our advertisements versus our competitors. We also wanted to communicate that we were specialists and not a one stop shop. Having the Phoneword 1800 PRINTERS was a clear way to inform people what we did.”

“By implementing a Phoneword we have attracted many potential new suppliers wanting us to focus on reselling their solutions. Phonewords have also enhanced customer service as our customers do not need to search for our number from the website or invoices when wanting to contact us. With the use of Phonewords the effectiveness of our advertising has doubled and based on qualitative feedback it is because our advertising is more memorable due to Phonewords.”

Ben Ho
Managing Director

A1plus Printing and Imaging Supplier.


“We got the idea for a phone word via other advertisers. We thought it would be a terrific marketing tool. We searched & found that 1300 POOLSHOP was available, so we grabbed it!”

“Since we started using 1300 POOLSHOP, we have noticed that our customers have embraced our phone word as it is so easy to remember. We are a pool shop so what could possibly be easier to remember than 1300 POOLSHOP!”

“1300 POOLSHOP is the only number that we advertise nationally via Google, eBay & our website. This year, we developed a website called www.1300poolshop.com.au. Needless to say we are expecting a massive summer season later this year.”

“We truly believe that our phone word is a remarkable marketing tool. It’s so simple, but extremely effective.”

Mark Dean

Direct Pool Supplies

1300 Corporate

“Branding – We have the 1300 phone word on our corporate car and people are able to quickly recognise that the corporate accommodation provider can be found by dialing 1300 CORPORATE.”
Corporate Keys Australia Pty Ltd

1300 Sim SENSON

“As we are in the early phase of building a global brand, services like phone words are a helpful tool to build awareness among our growing customer base. Anything that helps improve our level of service is also very welcome.”

1300 NewYork

“It’s been a great success, giving our customers an easy contact number to remember. In addition it’s a great advertising tool that makes our brand top of mind.”
New York Slice

18000 TRASH

“It has enabled us to really brand our product and provide customers with 1 easy phone number to remember rather then a mobile number.”
Trash Heap Trailers


“It means we can use generic marketing material and all our clients can market the same way, with Sensus providing the correct line re directions where necessary.”
Knotwood Pty Ltd


“It gives us a national and professional appeal.” Altiform Pty Ltd

1300 Design

“1300 DESIGN as a Phoneword contact number just made business and brand sense.”
Belladina Homes


“We knew we had to go this way from the beginning. Having a Phoneword to use on our Marketing materials shows that we are professional and serious about fantastic customer service.”
The Tin Sheds – Norfolk Island


“1300 TOWBAR is easy to remember and states succinctly everything the business is about. Having the phone word sign written on the business’s vehicles has resulted in inquiries and sales from the customer who have seen the vehicle and easily remembered the contact details. It has lifted the business’s profile and professionalism and can easily be used in advertising campaigns. including TV, as well as other marketing strategies.”
Towbars Australia

1300 Recruit

“From a business benefit perspective, in such a competitive market, having a point of contact that is both simplistic, relevant and branded i.e. a phone word is a unique competitive advantage. From a client benefit perspective, it provides them with simplicity and something memorable – making us their first, simplest and preferred point of call for recruiting services.”
SCO Recruitment

13 Sadler

“Our phone word has delivered massive value for our business as it is used in many locations including stationery, packing boxes, trucks, vans and uniforms to name a few.”
Peter Sadler Removals