About Us

Telstra PhoneWords is majority owned by Telstra Corporation.  The business was founded in the late nineties to provide a solution for businesses planning to grow their market share and be able to gain a greater return on their marketing and advertising investment.  Today Telstra PhoneWords has grown to be one of the largest providers of phone words globally.

We are committed to delivering on-going support to your business and place high priority on building a relationship with you that delivers value to your business. Our customer service is of the highest standard and our dedicated staff are available to assist you get the best value possible from your phone word.

Management Team

Gavin ScholesGavin Scholes CEO of Telstra PhoneWords
CEO, Telstra PhoneWords

Gavin has created a footprint for the future of advertising and marketing by revolutionising the way businesses receive calls from customers in Australia.  Gavin is passionate about the success businesses can achieve when actively promoting a ‘phone word’.

Gavin’s career encompasses an extensive background in business. Through hard work and dedication, Gavin has been able to realise his dream to pioneer the ‘phone word’ industry in Australia.   Under Gavin’s leadership and guidance Telstra PhoneWords has grown from a team of three to thirty nationally.


Mark Fotheringham, General Manager of Telstra PhoneWordsMark Fotheringham
General Manager, Telstra PhoneWords

Mark completed his education with a Bachelor of Business Administration at RMIT.  He spent the early years of his employment at Melbourne Water having roles within Human Resource Management, Administration, Finance and was then promoted to General Manager.His career led him to General Manager of a sporting club and over 10 years in Commercial Management roles in the building industry before joining Telstra PhoneWords.

Mark has been with Telstra PhoneWords since 2007. He brings not only a wealth of knowledge in his managerial skills but the goal of making Telstra PhoneWords a pre-eminent phone word company.


Debbie Cuffe Business Manager Telstra PhoneWordsDebbie Cuffe
Finance Manager, Telstra PhoneWords

Debbie gained her Bachelor of Business and Accounting from RMIT. Her management career started at Kangan Institute where she worked across the finance sector of the business.

She commenced her career with Telstra PhoneWords in 2006 as Finance Controller. Debbie brought with her a wealth of knowledge gained over many years in the business and finance sector. At Telstra PhoneWords, Debbie manages the finance and marketing staff and controls the business aspects of the business. She also actively contributes to implementing the vision of Telstra PhoneWords – fulfilling its potential.


Jim Walsh
National Sales Manager, Telstra PhoneWords

Jim leads a team that is passionate about the success businesses can achieve when actively promoting a ‘PhoneWord’ and equally passionate about the future Phone words have in advertising and marketing, by revolutionising the way businesses receive calls from customers in Australia.

Over the past 14 years, Jim’s career has encompassed an extensive background in the telecommunications industry across both the SME and Corporate market.